You Have Your Roses, Now How Do You Take Care Of Them?

To keep your flowers as fresh as possible, please follow the following care instructions below.

1) Dissolve the rose food provided in your box into a vase filled with 3/4 of lukewarm to cool water. Remove any leaves that may touch the water.

2) Cut 1/2 to 1 inch on a diagonal from the bottom of all stems and place them immediately into the vase. The water tubes are only for temporary use until you can get your roses into a vase. You may top up the water at its original level every day.

3) For optimum vase life, repeat these steps at least every 2-3 days and adding rose food to the water.

4) Place the vase with flowers in a cool, shady place, away from any source of heat or direct sunlight, heating or cooling vents.


We pride ourselves on using only the highest quality roses for our boxes. If your order doesn't arrive as Instagram worthy as it should be, please email us within 24hrs at with your order # as well as photographs and we will take care of you!